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 +  *[[Surfin'​ USM]]\\
 +  *[[My Second To Last Will And Testament]]\\
 +  *[[Rubbish]]\\
 +  *[[Say It With Flowers]]\\
 +  *[[Do Re Me, So Far So Good]]\\
 +  *[[Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over]]\\
 +  *[[Lenny And Terence]]\\
 +  *[[A Prince In A Pauper'​s Grave]]\\
 +  *[[Anytime Anyplace Anywhere (song)]]\\
 +  *[[Rent]]\\
 +  *[[Shoppers'​ Paradise]]\\
 +  *[[While You Were Out]]\\
 +  *[[Glam Rock Cops]]\\
 +  *[[Bloodsport For All]]\\
 +  *[[The Only Living Boy In New Cross]]\\
 +  *[[After The Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way)]]\\
 +  *[[The Impossible Dream]]\\
 +  *[[England]]\\
 +  *[[This Is How It Feels]]\\
 +  *[[Sheriff Fatman]]\\
 +  *[[G.I. Blues]]\\
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