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 +Yesterday on the stroke of three<​br>​\\
 +I gave my faiith and hope to charity<​br>​\\
 +And betrayed my family tree<​br>​\\
 +To hatchetmen and women who came<​br>​\\
 +From where the streets have hyphened names<​br>​\\
 +Lumberjacks and lumberjanes<​br>​\\
 +The fleapit circus came<​br>​\\
 +With a cast of plastered clowns<​br>​\\
 +And to my crying shame<​br>​\\
 +I let the bastards grind me down<​br>​\\
 +So what will Father Christmas bring<​br>​\\
 +If everyone'​s gone shoplifting<​br>​\\
 +And do you know the saddest thing of all<​br>​\\
 +Is that there'​s nothing worth stealing<​br>​\\
 +Anymore <​br>​\\
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