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“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”
"Too much sex and violence. Too shocking even for channel 4"

I've never been insane, put my baby on a plane
with a suitcase that's alive and kicking
And your honour i confess that I've never tasted meths
or hid a gun in a box of fried chicken
I've never been to Amsterdam, left my heart in Vietnam
or sol gum on the streets of Mexico
never smuggled pot or been murdered in my squat
two stories from the top of a no go

I've never had to stael or sell my body for a meal
cigarettes, alcohol or drugs
I've never had a tattoo or scar that wouldn't heal
Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!

I've never been on strike, or a speeding motorbike
been propositioned beten up or mugged
I've got 20/20 vision but I've never seen the light
Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!

And if you're looking for trouble
You came to the wrong place

I've never gone cold turkey in a shed in Albuquerke
or played chicken on a railway line
I've never been a litter bug, given head or taken drugs
Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!

Crack that whip across my thigh
stick a needle in my eye
Cross my heart and hope to die
I have lived a sheltered life

“He's ok, he just fainted” Senator in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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