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 +"What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?"<​br>​\\
 +[[toomuchsexandviolence|"​Too much sex and violence. Too shocking even for channel 4"]]\\
 +I've never been insane, put my baby on a plane<​br>​\\
 +with a suitcase that's alive and kicking<​br>​\\
 +And your honour i confess that I've never tasted meths<​br>​\\
 +or hid a gun in a box of fried chicken<​br>​\\
 +I've never been to Amsterdam, left my heart in Vietnam<​br>​\\
 +or sol gum on the streets of Mexico<​br>​\\
 +never smuggled pot or been murdered in my squat<​br>​\\
 +two stories from the top of a no go<​br>​\\
 +I've never had to stael or sell my body for a meal<​br>​\\
 +cigarettes, alcohol or drugs<​br>​\\
 +I've never had a tattoo or scar that wouldn'​t heal<​br>​\\
 +Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!<​br>​\\
 +I've never been on strike, or a speeding motorbike<​br>​\\
 +been propositioned beten up or mugged<​br>​\\
 +I've got 20/20 vision but I've never seen the light<​br>​\\
 +Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!<​br>​\\
 +And if you're looking for trouble<​br>​\\
 +You came to the wrong place<​br>​\\
 +I've never gone cold turkey in a shed in Albuquerke<​br>​\\
 +or played chicken on a railway line<​br>​\\
 +I've never been a litter bug, given head or taken drugs<​br>​\\
 +Pump it up Jack, pump it up Jack, pump it up!<​br>​\\
 +Crack that whip across my thigh<​br>​\\
 +stick a needle in my eye<​br>​\\
 +Cross my heart and hope to die<​br>​\\
 +I have lived a sheltered life <​br>​\\
 +"​He'​s ok, he just fainted"​ Senator in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington\\
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