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Blah, Blah, Blah, you should know this….


Air Odeon Disco Pub(album)<br>
Cycle Riot History Gang *<br>
Seaside Arcade Bingo Patrol *<br>


Punk Confetti EP<br>
Maria's Umbrella EP<br>
Baby Food EP<br>
Just Shut Up! EP<br>
Well Oiled EP *<br>
Perfect Hands EP *<br>
Ultra Cool EP * as iDou<br>
Uncle Fruity EP *


Emergency Medical Hologram (single)


Free CD<br>
CRHG Bonus Disk *<br>
iDou podcast *<br>
Rock Space Bingo Beaver *


There's A Madman On The Roof *<br>
Snakebite City 10<br>
Instant Gratification<br>


Tommi & Chris

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