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Exhibit F, the reporters said
loved you to death after the watershed
Between the Open University and closedown
you were dead

He'd warmed your cockles with his magic tricks
glasses, bottles, bottles, filter tips
John Player Special
Number 666

Exhibit G from the family firm
his bride to be taking twisted turns
To give you French kisses
and Chinese burns

You see, she'd had a skinful and she couldn't stop
like a pitbull in a china shop
And all the King's social workers, the ghurkas and the cops
couldn't love you back to life again now

A black eye for a black eye, a chipped tooth for a chipped tooth
a fraction of a half life some housework and some home truths
And nothing but the home truth

And it's goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Come home you silly cow
We've baked a cake and your friends are waiting
and David Icke says he'd like to show us how
to love you back to life again now

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