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 +Exhibit F, the reporters said<​br>​\\
 +loved you to death [[after the watershed]]<​br>​\\
 +Between the [[Open University]] and [[closedown]]<​br>​\\
 +you were dead<​br>​\\
 +He'd [[warmed your cockles]] with his magic tricks<​br>​\\
 +glasses, bottles, bottles, filter tips<​br>​\\
 +John Player Special<​br>​\\
 +Number [[666]]<​br>​\\
 +Exhibit G from the family firm<​br>​\\
 +his bride to be taking twisted turns<​br>​\\
 +To give you French kisses<​br>​\\
 +and Chinese burns<​br>​\\
 +You see, she'd had a skinful and she couldn'​t stop<​br>​\\
 +like a pitbull in a china shop<​br>​\\
 +And all the King's social workers, the ghurkas and the cops<​br>​\\
 +couldn'​t love you back to life again now<​br>​\\
 +A black eye for a black eye, a chipped tooth for a chipped tooth<​br>​\\
 +a fraction of a half life some housework and some home truths<​br>​\\
 +And nothing but the home truth<​br>​\\
 +And it's [[goodbye Ruby Tuesday]]<​br>​\\
 +Come home you silly cow<​br>​\\
 +We've baked a cake and your friends are waiting<​br>​\\
 +and David Icke says he'd like to show us how<​br>​\\
 +to love you back to life again now\\
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