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-When Harry met Bob<br>\\ +When Harry met Bob\\ 
-Bob was an anarchist<br>\\ +Bob was an anarchist\\ 
-Harry had a job<br>\\ +Harry had a job\\ 
-Working for the government<br>\\ +Working for the government\\ 
-Married to the M.O.D.<br>\\ +Married to the M.O.D.\\ 
-Bob, he chose Adidas<br>\\ +Bob, he chose Adidas\\ 
-Harry found God<br>\\ +Harry found God\\ 
-Bobby lost weight<br>\\ +Bobby lost weight\\ 
-He said, "If I had a pound<br>\\ +He said, "If I had a pound\\ 
-for everything in town<br>\\ +for everything in town\\ 
-that helped to bring me down<br>\\ +that helped to bring me down\\ 
-I could move somewhere nice"<br>\\+I could move somewhere nice"\\
 Harry had a Ford<br>\\ Harry had a Ford<br>\\
 Drove it to the beach<br>\\ Drove it to the beach<br>\\
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