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 +As the temperature drops on the drunks out in [[Clapham]]<​br>​\\
 +I turn on my bx and it's like punk never happened<​br>​\\
 +The community'​s charged up and the West End's alight<​br>​\\
 +And it's [[Jimmy Bloody Tarbuck]] on a Saturday night<​br>​\\
 +And I'm sick to the back teeth, front teeth and tonsils<​br>​\\
 +Of hit making factories and kids sniffing Ronseal<​br>​\\
 +The run down, the hard up and the national health<​br>​\\
 +And it's Jimmy Bloody Tarbuck on a Sunday as well<​br>​\\
 +Friends, Romans, country fans<​br>​\\
 +If you're happpy and you know it<​br>​\\
 +You can clap your hands and say yeah!<​br>​\\
 +Yes sir no sir three bags full of newspaper<​br>​\\
 +Sleeping by the greengrocers over by the undertakers<​br>​\\
 +Died in a house fire mummy was at the bakers<​br>​\\
 +Buying broken biscuits, digestives and iced wafers<​br>​\\
 +I've broken my dentures, got senile dementure<​br>​\\
 +And I'm losing my barnet<​br>​\\
 +I'm an alternative [[Alf Garnett]]<​br>​\\
 +The Drums on this tune (or at least part of them) were programmed by Spinach, [[Fruitbat]]'​s Cat\\
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