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 +I propose a toast<​br>​\\
 +To the hostess with the most<​br>​\\
 +And I raise my glass to you<​br>​\\
 +With the bubbly of the poor<​br>​\\
 +Brut 33 or 34<​br>​\\
 +With a vintage of 1972<​br>​\\
 +With the same name<​br>​\\
 +as a London railway station you were cursed<​br>​\\
 +to always keep on moving<​br>​\\
 +When [[Jesus wants you for a sunbeam]]<​br>​\\
 +And the devil gets there first<​br>​\\
 +You're cruising for a bruising<​br>​\\
 +Sold down the river<​br>​\\
 +By so many guys<​br>​\\
 +Always the bridesmaid<​br>​\\
 +Never the bride<​br>​\\
 +If someone up there likes you<​br>​\\
 +Then someone up there lied<​br>​\\
 +Because no one down here tried <​br>​\\
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