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Outside a cathedral near the axis of evil they marched,
Their picket line formed the shape of a proscenium arch,
They switched off their halos and started working to rule,
All the cold-blooded killers had the keys to the city today,
They came for our children and nobody stood in their way,
I turned on the TV to see what the world had to say,
And a spokesman for the angels read a list of demands to the press,
While a schoolboy took a bus ride with explosives gaffa taped to his chest,
No kissing, no hugging, no tender and loving caress,
The management, the union and the mediators sat down for talks,
The bus bomb exploded as the fairies came out in support,
The newspapers headlined the story in bold black and white,

There's no one to check you to guard and protect you tonight.

ignoring the curfew the looters and rioters ran,
Through the biggest electrical power cut since records began,
All the music we heard sounded flat and the words didn't scan,
On the day that the heavenly choir never sang,
Churches available for hire but the bells never rang,
No weddings, no christenings, no birthdays, no discos, no bands,
All the paedophiles walked from the chatrooms out onto the streets,
Where god-fearing rednecks with scissors cut holes into sheets,
The day of celestial action could go on for weeks,
More burning and looting, raping and shooting,
Earthquakes and hurricanes, pestilence and plague,

There's no one to check you to guard and protect you tonight.

The fire brigade won'e come and rescue your cat from a tree,
The lifeboatmen never came back they were all lost at sea,
The angels are making a stand for you and for me,
All huddled around a fire in a can with a flask of hot sugary tea,


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