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Architect architect where do you live?<br> Is there bad blood in your piping and a dead dog in your bin?<br> Can you hear the neighbours fighting because the walls are paper-thin?<br> Architect architect where do you live?<br> Are there bloodstains on the balcony<br> Is the walkway to your door an escape route for drug dealers<br> Are there needles on the floor?<br> Architect architect how do you sleep?<br> Do the bed bugs fight the roaches in your continental quilt?<br> As your nightmare time approaches in the bedroom that you built?<br> Architect architect where do you live?<br> Will the postman not deliver any letters through your door?<br> Does the piss flow like a river in the lift up to your floor?<br> Are your windows wrapped in plastic to keep out the cold night air?<br> As you gaze on your dual aspects of malfunction and despair?<br> Architect architect

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