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It always happens, halfway through the school holidays they start advertising the special offers for school stationery, books and bags, trainers and uniforms. 'Back To School' the advertisers call it. Some pupils are just settling into their holiday respite when these three words fill them with dread and horror, the last thing in the world they want to do is go back.

Before the six weeks summer holiday has got into its swing, the advertising and the special offers all begin For half price pen and pencil sets, PE bags and clothes, two shirts for the price of one, but you don't want to go Back to school. Where tyranny and torture will be waiting just for you. Back to school. Get yourself a brand new blazer, trousers and a cap. Some supermarket trainers that will get you happy slapped. You want to tell your parents coz your parents ought to know, they can save themselves some money because you don't wanna go. Back to school. Where the best years of your life can be so lonely and so cruel. Back to school. Six weeks in a poky flat in Sussex but you're happy coz you're on your own. And then the TV says you'll soon be back there in the crowd where you feel so alone. The first week of September is the worst week of the year, it's the time that you remember what it feels like to be queer. In a classroom full of bigots being taught by homophobes, all the stationery in the world won't make you want to go back to school

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