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Of all the bars and all the pubs
And all the late night drinking clubs
You had to walk into them all

You've been drinking to forget
You need to keep your thinking set
On what you did before the war

Before the bugler changed his tune
When everything was Mills and Boon
And lovers kissed beneath the stars

Now they've flattened all the flats
It's time to batten down the hatch
With another whisky from the bar

And drink yourself under the table
Terrestrial TV and cable
The wireless and the Internet
Remind us what we're drinking to forget

It's something more than just the guilt
You can't be sure, you must have killed
But you really can't be sure

When progress moves so fast
It leaves us in the past
With platform shoes and dinosaurs

Close your eyes and count to ten
Forget the whys and wheres
And when you feel sober
It still isn't over
There's more

Sell your house
And change your name
Because you'll never be the same man
That you were
Before the war

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