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1987 - 2014 The Unstoppable Sex Machine has stopped.

=====Carter Albums=====


A Sheltered Life (single)<br>
Sheriff Fatman (single)<br>
R.u.b.b.i.s.h (single)<br>
Anytime Anyplace Anywhere (single)<br>
Bloodsport For All (single)<br>
After the Watershed (Early Learning the Hard Way) (single)<br>
The Only Living Boy In New Cross (single)<br>
Do Re Me So Far So Good (single)<br>
The Impossible Dream (single)<br>
Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over (single)<br>
Lenny And Terence (single)<br>
Glam Rock Cops (single)<br>
Let's Get Tattoos (single)<br>
The Young Offender's Mum (single)<br>
Born On The 5th Of November (single)<br>



=====Alphabetical List=====

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