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When she turned the corner there were no cameras on the green,
When she turned the corner it was the last time she was seen,
There were more than 300 phone calls to the televised appeal,
For witnesses who'd seen something suspicious in a field,
But the switchboard operators knew this case would not be solved,
By those who were mistaken or just hoped to be involved,
Her mother sellotaped handwritten posters to all the railings in the park,
A reconstruction of her daughter's last known movements almost broke her mother's heart,
At the press conference everybody was in tears,
Even the Chief Constable and the DI,
Everybody watching at home thought that I probably did it,
Because I was the first one there to cry,
All the armchair sleuths and Miss Marples,
Said they could see it in my face,
The Chief Constable thought I was too personally involved,
And I was taken off the case,
And I was back directing traffic where I could see her in every car,
Taken away by some white van man or a jet black Jaguar,
And I just wished that it was all over and I wanted it all to end,
I'd first heard the word 'closure' on an episode of Friends,
As the psychological profilers down below and the helicopters above,
Tried to shine a light down on my baby shine a light down on my love,
And I wish right now it would all stop and sometimes I've prayed to God,
That my baby would be found on common ground by a man walking his dog.

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