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Wake me up, I'm getting tired of this dream , I know I get shot and I'll wake up with a scream,
Kick my butt, I'm not as lucky or so free, I'm drowning in debt and need some TLC
Someone get me coffee and a voodoo doll, I gotta get me up and make some rock n roll
But though the flesh is willing, it's not as easy as it seems
No excuses, there's no one else to blame, surfin' the net and stupid video games
I've fallen way behind, I've had a writing lull, plug in that guitar and play some rock n roll
But when the strings are in tune my fingers let me down (it's not just my fingers that let me down)
Fucking hell I'm feeling so much worse, please someone help me lift this wicked curse
Someone crack the crust of my molten soul, someone give me mojo, slip me rock 'n' roll. No one else will do it
Bingo, by George, I think I have it, if you get the chance then you just gotta bloody nab it
It's been a long time since I've rock 'n' rolled and I'm lonely, lonely lonely lonely\

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