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Elvis lives
In America
He flies with the pigs
In America

I want to go to college in a college sweater
I want fifty million dollars to make a pop record
I wanna be a loser, I wanna be a slacker
I want to cruise the super highway
I want to be fatter
I want to talk on a talk show
I wanna die on home video
I want a rollercoaster in my garden
I want to work with kids
I want my own zoo
I want plastic skin
I want to meet The President
I want to BE The President
Of America
Where Elvis lives

Elvis Lives!
In America
He flies through the sky
With the pigs by and by
In America
Man gives birth to Lion King
Who eats the nurse and doctor
In America
Georgia fries and L.A. shake
Elvis flies
Nothing's impossible we have found
We're still looking for that sound
That goes with every prozac pill
And makes the serial killer kill
In America

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