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He writes the songs that make the whole world groan
The lights are on but there's no one home
Every day he sings the blues
Especially for you
You think he's smart
But hes not that smart
You want his heart
But he's got no heart
Every day he's sniffing glue
Especially for you

For Sandra and Tracy
For Barbara and for Katie
For Seeta and Shirley
For Peter, Paul and Mary
For Mandy for Sandy
For Sherry and for Brandy
Davina, Christina
For Mary Lou and Nina
For Jason and Kylie
The baby faced and tiny
The pimply and scrawny
For David and Trewlawny
Belinda, Lucinda
The blonde, the brown and ginger
Their sisters, their brothers
And oh so many others
The lonely and desperate
The bony anorexic
For Penny and Brenda
Too many to remember
Theresa and Julie
For Lisa
And Yours Truly

On a toilet seat in the ladies
His flesh is weak and his bones are lazy
His hair hurts and his teeth are itching
He can't stand the heat
But he cant get get out of the kitchen

And now he's turning blue
Especially for you

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