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Today was a wonderful day ' Fantastic
No of course I'm being sarcastic
I spent most of it in pain
Taking my own name in vain
It's not easy being all knowing and all seeing
If everything around you disgusts or dumfounds you
I'm losing my patience with a few of my creations
The idiots in the village that I made in my image
They're a big disappointment, they kill for enjoyment
I feel like shaking the almighty Etch-a-Sketch
My name is God this is my blog
Ten million hits no more secrets
And today was a wonderful day ' Stupendous
No, I lied again, it was horrendous
I don't understand, It's nothing at all like I planned

All I see are perverts, murderers, goat killing Devil worshippers
Holocaust excusers, dog collared child abusers
Small men in big hats, genocidal maniacs
I hope they've brought their rain macs
I'll send them hurricanes, whirlpools,
Hailstones like cricket balls
Twisters and turners, flatteners and burners
My power and my glory, my filth and my fury
For ever and ever and ever
My name is God and this is my blog
Ten million hits, no more secrets
And today was a wonderful day

A child's first step
The sun as it set
The moon on the water
The kindness of a stranger
The songs and the jokes
The space between the notes
Today was a wonderful day\\

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