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Jamie Wednesday was a British 80's jangle-pop band that released eight songs on three records between 1985 and 1987. At first they were called The Ballpoints and then Dead Clergy and finally settled on Jamie Wednesday.

The band consisted of:
James Morrison - acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Leslie Carter - bass guitar, backing vocals
Dean Leggett - Drums and percussion
Lindsay Lowe - Trumpet
Simon Henry - Saxophone

The story is that James and Dean and Lindsay and Simon were in the studio rehearsing or recording or something and they needed a bass guitar player. Leslie was in the studio recording with another band and James saw him. James had known Leslie from before and in fact they had performed together. James asked Leslie to come and play bass for Jamie Wednesday.

They recorded and released two EPs and contributed to two compilations on the Pink Records label but they never sold well and the band remained virtually unknown. In an interesting sidenote, Jamie Wednesday are responsible for the name of the band Pop Will Eat Itself when an article about Jamie Wednesday in the NME, written by David Quantick mentioned that pop music is ever-recycling its ideas and that eventually, pop will eat itself.

Jamie Wednesday split up in 1987 just before a scheduled appearance at an opening gig. James Morrison and Leslie Carter stuck together and filled in for that gig. Thus was Carter USM born. James and Leslie became Jim Bob and Fruitbat respectively.

Dean Leggett went on to play drums for a band called Bob - a band which has played with Carter USM many times.
Lindsay and Simon were a couple and Fruitbat reckons they still are. Last he heard, they were playing in a jazz band.

UPDATE: Both Lindsay and Simon appeared on Jim Bob's most recent albums: School and A Humpty Dumpty Thing.

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Vote For Love(EP)
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