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All men are rapists, he was destined to prove
when he was created from a test in a tube
An unnatural born leader who naturally led
Foot down on the pedal and full speed ahead
By hook or by headlock to fortune or fame
Born out of wedlock by nature and name
Her name was Julie some days she was Jules
They said she was truly raised by wolves
And let down by everybody else then push came to shove
Romeo came to Julie Julie fell in love
From flat sharing student to home owning queen
Dishwashing hoovering baby machine
All men are rapists there's no doubt and poor Julie's secret was out
But their love was forever and they'd stay together
For the sake of the children, the car and the house
For the sake of the children whose names have been changed
From David and William to 'Michael' and 'James'
In the newspaper stories that the newspapers tell
And to keep off school bullies who were bullied themselves
A brush in the bedroom or a boot in the hall
The burn of the carpet till they learn how to fall

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