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 +[[Everything is Going To be Alright]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Come On Smart Bomb]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss(song)]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Every Time A Church Bell Rings]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Fresh Kills]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Georgie'​s Marvellous Medicine]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Glam Rock Cops]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Obsessive Compulsive]] ​ *<​br>​\\
 +[[Tongue Tied]] ​ *<​br>​\\
 +[[Ray Of Light]] ​ *<​br>​\\
 +[[A Prince In A Pauper'​s Grave]]<​br>​\\
 +[[The Revenge Of The School Bullied]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Girls Can Keep A Secret]]<​br>​\\
 +[[The Only Living Boy In New Cross]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Angelstrike! (song)]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Bloodsport For All]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Falling On A Bruise]]<​br>​\\
 +[[The Final Comedown]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Back to School]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Pear Shaped World]]<​br>​\\
 +[[The Music That Nobody Likes]]<​br>​\\
 +[[Touchy Feely]]<​br>​\\
 +[[G.I. Blues]]<​br>​\\
 +  * - with Chris T-T\\
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