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There's a hole and it's dead
In the middle of my head
If I reach in and touch
Will my fingers turn to dust
Some days you live
Some days you love
Some days I forgive
Some days its just tough

Is that Losers Talk?
I've got a Loser's Walk

I'm not a catholic
I'm not a Jew
Without Religion what would we do?

What on earth is this cloud
Its really bringin me down
Is it something inside?
Something I've denied
Some days I live
Some days I love
Some days you forgive
Some days it's just tough

Is that Losers's talk?
I've got a loser's walk
I'm not Church of England
I've no God or guru
Without a jumbo jet, what will I do?

There's a hole in my soul
And it grows and it grows
Till it swallows me and then it grows and grows again
It swallows up the town
Then it swallows up the sun
It's a hungrly little hole
It's a hungry bastard hole
Sometimes it loves
Sometimes it loves
Sometimes it forgives
Sometimes I give up

If that's loser's talk
I've got a loser's walk
I'm not strict or orthodox
I'm no sect voodooo
Without an afterlife, what will I do?

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