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 +(A lot of these need identifying)\\
 +Start of track, the screeching sound is playback of digital data from the drum machine for the entire album.\\
 +Quote: pilot samples?\\
 +Quote: Great balls of fire - Jerry Lee Lewis\\
 +Quote: unknown ?\\
 +Quote: c'mon everybody - Eddie Cochran\\
 +Quote: love ya man?\\
 +Quote: warden threw a party in the country jail - Elvis\\
 +Quote: 1 for the money - Elvis\\
 +Quote: “I don't think so….” on a loop. Backing singers on “Gonna make you a Star” by David Essex\\
 +Quote: no man it's too shrill, no man it's too piecing I don't like loud noises - Banana Boat (Day-O) spoof - Stan Freberg (Said by Peter Leeds)\\
 +Quote: “7a” on a loop Daydream Believer - The Monkees\\
 +Quote: “This ain't Rock N' Roll” - David Bowie - Diamond Dogs - Live version starts with “This ain't Rock N' Roll, this is genocide”\\
 +Quote: you can't sing, can't play, you look awful, you'll go a long way - Kitkat advert\\
 +Demo version on [[The Good, The Bad, The Average And Unique]] : A Collection Of Besides has a sample saying “we got a hot one for you” on a loop\\
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