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While you were sleeping a searchlight sent a beacon across the city
Through a custom made gobo the searchlight shone a logo and a name
At their secret headquarters in a cave on the outskirts of the city
From out of the darkness the fantastic and the marvellous never came

Our heroes

The police chief commissioner is in jail and the fire station's burning
A school bus has a blow out and it's not safe to go outside at night
On the hospital rooftops a sniper takes pot shots at the nurses
There's no one to save us, like the time that the angels went on strike

Our heroes

In my high school science days I was exposed to radiation waves
That left me with my super powers, a super weakling super coward
And baby if you want me to I'll wear a mask and cape for you
To hide my true identity and every day I'll try to be

Your hero

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