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corduroy slacks and cowboy boots
bleached blond hair and dark brown roots
it felt so strange to mix with the suits
London bound, forbidden fruits
took her phone, her fingers walked
he made her laugh, they talk talk talked
she could already tell he was her sort
a big flash car, he liked his sport

6 foot four, a girl so tall
perfect hands for basketball
on the train from Liverpool
it's been 4 hours since she bunked off school

took the tube to Waterloo
met her man on platform two
he held her hand and showed her through
stardust Al, her coocachoo
he took her home
and paid in cash
opened the draw where he kept his stash
??? she flicked her ash
he let her watch as he took a slash

6 foot four, a girl so tall
perfect breasts for playing pool
she drives those boys up the wall
made her way through english school

10 am, the very next day
she slapped her brow
had a man to stay
took a shower a shower and was on her way
she'd had enough anyway

6 foot four, a girl so tall
perfect legs for roller-ball
on the train to Liverpool
won't be long till she's back at school

perfect hands for basketball
she drove those boys up the wall\

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