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Radio Goffam happy hour<br> Masked man on the radio tower<br> Armed policeman on the ground<br> Waiting for the word they’re gonna take him down<br> Hazy sunshine, heavy snow, Radio Goffam Goffam Radio<br> Radio Goffam on the air<br> Broadcasting from a swivel chair<br> Nothing clever, just rock and pop<br> And news and weather right around the clock<br> Clouding over, localised thunder and rain from stormy skies<br> The masked man on the radio tower<br> Has a megaphone on DC power<br> He’s wrapped a sheet around about him like a superhero’s cape<br> And he’s shouting<br> Text yes to let him free<br> Or if you want him shot down spectacularly text no<br> To Radio Goffam Goffam Radio<br> Heavy traffic on the roads<br> An 18-wheeler has shed its load<br> Radio Goffam, midnight to five<br> On a shock jock bigot vibe<br> Any filth you like he’ll say it<br> And if a song’s playlisted then we’ll play it<br> Over and over and over again<br> Until it’s stuck inside your brain<br> Competitions, guest star turns<br> Nero fiddles while Goffam burns<br> Our city’s in the grip of crime<br> The playlist don’t reflect the times<br> Hazy sunshine, heavy snow, Radio Goffam Goffam Radio<br> The lines are closed, a large per cent<br> Almost all the listening audience<br> Of the drivetime and the breakfast show<br> Have dialled the number and selected no<br> Hazy sunshine, heavy snow<br> Radio Goffam, Goffam Radio

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