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A play on The Seven Deadly Sins. 1. Superbia Pride<br> 2. Invidia Envy<br> 3. Ira Anger<br> 4. Avaritia Avarice<br> 5. Tristia Sadness<br> 6. Gula Gluttony<br> 7. Luxuria Lust<br> (Moralia in Job, XXXI cap. xlv). The sin ‘Tristia’ was later replaced by ‘Accidia’, or Sloth (Wenzel (1967), 38). This sin was taken from earlier catalogues of vice, in particular, the eight evil thoughts listed by Evaagrius (346-99), and the eight principal vices proposed by the mid fourth-century writer Cassian (Wenzel (1967), 14-21). Some of the iconography of the Sins was derived from the descriptions of the Battles between the Virtues and Vices in the Psychomachia by the fourth-century poet Prudentius. (from:

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