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Where do old pop stars go to die?
They go to work in self-storage, where they meet interesting people and make new friends. Friends who look like French movie star Juliette Binoche and others who look like weirdly bearded paedophiles and perform horrific surgery procedures on themselves. They meet interesting people like Michael Stipe – not the rock singer from Athens Georgia, just a coincidence – and other assorted bubblewrap fetishists, wooden statues that come to life at night to play arcade games and a homicidal computer named HAL.

Storage Stories is a darkly comic rollercoaster ride full of thrills, spills and warm sick on the back of the neck. A fictional autobiographical novel and collection of short stories told in words and pictures that, if nothing else, finally solves the mystery of what happened to all the missing boybands.

Praise for Storage Stories:
“Charming, funny, tender and delicate. It's really very, very good.”
- Dave Gorman
“Kurt Vonnegut meets Carter USM.”
- Andrew Collins
“I read it straight through in one go and then went back and read it again.”
- Eddie Argos
“It's fucking brilliant.”
- Isy Suttie
ISBN: 970-0-9564049-0-9

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