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Mr Moon says, There's a storm coming. And the English teacher Miss Fontaine will go walking in the rain. The whole staff room knows she has a lover. She's old enough to be his mother. Mr Moon says, storm coming The PE teacher will stay in, smoking fags outside the gym. There's a glass case behind him, for all the trophies he'll never win. In the corner of the staff room Mr Moon is making plans. He's the head of the department that no one understands. Mr Moon knows that geography has had some bad reviews. It's the option that the year nine pupils never ever choose. He knows that history and sociology are the more popular humanities. But Mr Moon he's not impatient he knows about wind and precipitation. And he says'There's a storm and it's coming soon. It's going to break through the windows of this room. Tearing up books and emptying cases. It's gonna wipe the smug look off their faces. And geography will rise again, says Mr Michael Moon. There's a storm coming soon Raise the alarm you have been warned, this is the calm before the storm

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