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You know how on TV they use squares to hide their faces
Well if you squint your eyes you can recognise the rapists
The murderers and scumbags with notches on their bumbags
For every sad and lonely life they've ruined with a Stanley knife

Dead on arrival…the 90s revival

Survival of the fittest, the fattest and the richest
God save her travesty and call the next Jehovah's witness
A child of the sixties born in the nineties
A Siamese triplet from the test tube of a mad scientist

Born dead on arrival for the 90s revival

And yea though I walk through the alley in the shadow of death
I shall fear no evil, because I AM evil

So bring me some aspirin, some rope and some Valium
Turn on the gas rings and call the Samaritans
And sit back and take in the gospel and bible
Of the lip smacking, jaw breaking, rip roaring 90s revival

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