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The drums beat loudly and the cymbals crash, the mums cheer proudly and the cameras flash. So the local press will have a photograph of the first big concert for the orchestra.

The headmaster is doing the best that he's able to get up from the bottom of the schools league table. Through the power of music and the beat of the drum. It's not part of the National Curriculum. If you want you can join us, you just follow the beat. To the school's dinner hall where we meet once a week. We've got brass we've got woodwind, we've got drums, we've got bells and the school's got a reason to feel good about itself


The PTA, the governors and the church were there, the police chief inspector and the wife of the mayor. All the local businesses with their local business slogans, printed on the back of a cheap paper programme. And on the inside pages were the words to the songs and the names of the musicians and they were all spelled wrong. There were speeches there were prizes and all that kind of thing, then the school orchestra started. Now everybody sing


Everybody's welcome we'll give anyone a chance, from the tone deaf to the maestro from beginner to advanced We've got drums we've got bells we've got woodwind we've got brass, you can DJ if you want to, we're not stuck in the past


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