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I’m a silver fox<br> I’m an old dried prune<br> A burst balloon on a string<br> <br> I’ve changed the clocks<br> It will be winter soon <br> I’ll stay in one room until spring<br> <br> These are my golden years<br> My golden years<br> <br> Sometimes I get to dress up nice<br> To say my goodbyes to old friends<br> <br> I say goodbye to Walter, Rose and James<br> Your old fashioned names are in vogue again<br> <br> These are our golden years<br> Our golden years <br> <br> From now on until it gets warm <br> I’ll keep the curtains drawn on myself<br> And I will not dare to answer the door<br> It’s a bogus call for sure because there’s no one else<br> <br> The coins I’ve saved<br> In an old coffee jar <br> Will light up one bar, one bar of gold<br> Enough to thaw my old bones out some more<br> I did not survive a war to die of cold<br> <br> These are my golden years<br> My golden years <br>

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