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I am the man behind the counter of the science fiction superstore<br> I sell t-shirts, comic books and sci-fi movie merchandise<br> Like a plastic figure on a shelf of the science fiction superstore<br> I’m a scaled down model of myself waiting for a sign<br> Then I will fight crime<br> My lonely face is a cover for my secret identity<br> My mild mannered ways are a pose and my clothes are a disguise<br> From the colour of the cloth, just another Goffam goth,<br> that’s what you’re meant to see<br> Like the toys on the shelf I’ll keep my self to myself until it’s time<br> Then I will fight crime<br> When I see a sign in the sky I will stick it to my enemies<br> With the power of my will, with my superhuman skill and with my mind<br> I’ll be a thorn in the side and a pain in the arse of my nemeses<br> I’ll hang a sign on the door of the science fiction store that says<br> ‘I've gone to fight crime’<br> Science fiction hero<br> I will fight crime <br>

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