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thumb| Don't get surface piercings on your faces kids. scars piercing facial Happy birthday SeptembersBoobs I found the perfect KolGirls Christmas card! Merry Christmas ! Enjoy your holidays, have fun & miss us! ;) xo RT FOR A SHOUTOUT I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK YO! : EVERYONE WATCH AMERICAN IDOL TONIGHT AND I WILL BE ON TV HOLLAAAAA haha ima be there too not even fronting RT: what does that mean?.. I'm pretty sure he was talking about the salary cap and possibly going over it I love web gems Vazquez Mota a Gil: no se tolerará una más. Robertounamasytevas los abdominales en los flacos son lo mismo que las tetas en las gordas, son una trampa!. Klkl ÉCONOMIE: Interview de dans “les Echos” FH2012 via The cats woke me up early this morning by being bad. Maybe they were just encouraging me to get going earlier so I can finish my article? Brand new! Make sure you go to bed as early as possible every night, 8pm - that's my advice! Good luck! hahaha I hate this school isayThatAlot Parece joda se llevaron a uno que vende droga en el barrio mientras hay 3 Bocas en 1 cuadra y en la otra mas de 5 secc8º peace out 609::on the way to NYC! MoviesThatNeverGetOld The Sandlot . Hola, de Argentina pero no vivo allá :)xx God trains my hands for battle Today for block 3 music videos, Johnny and I are picking the “Top Sad Songs” of all time. Any suggestions for us? What's your pick? MTVNews Got everything ready….just need the suitcase :/ Goodmorning No quiero ser aquel que ya desperdició La vida entera haciendo tonto al corazón Ni modo, ese soy yo Check out some more studio shots, this time brought to you by our friends [http:{ vietnam visa online| get vietnam visa online| get vietnam visa on line | how to get visa for Vietnam | visa for Vietnam | visa vietnam | vietnam visa| vietnam visa price | vietnam visa fee| vietnam visa cost| get vietnam visa | visa Vietnam on li/ at CBC: good so far, how the rainy city guide francophone vietnam treatin ya Siempre me salen gemas rojas épicas. Soy el que os da la drojah.] my biggest regret about sxsw was the fact that I didn't GET to GO to sxsw…le sigh cc: wompwomp reckon he's sharing with you in Ibiza haha sleepwithoneeyeopen I need a massage , like NOW . I'm so jealous of every person going to see the boys in Madison Square Garden. thanks guys! Hope to see you at the truck soon! Jennifer & Josh son unas de las pocas personas verdaderas en Hollywood, a pesar de ser famosos siguen siendo ellos mismos. I am really tired,might go sleep Ring, Ring! 3 Important Phone Interview Tips Felices Pascuas para todos! Recordemos el verdadero significado de este día! Q alguien ponga'haber'en vez de'a ver'duele,pero verlo de futuros periodistas hace plantearse en qué manos dejamos los medios d comunicación Soy el nico qe conoce cɑdɑ pɑre de cerpo. Ae: el Jɑbón ole girl done banged the whole crew. you'recuteNOT tweegram vivalasvegas hahahaha story of my life lad! Can confirm with me by today? I mean CONFIRM oh. I make headcounts. NO like they girl talkin to boys ! Friends or not , is SNEAKY , ! Jaimonte a loveing fool I swear Groupiemessage was looking at me *-* Done :'D Does anyone want two tickets for manvswild for Bournemouth this Thursday? The awkward moment when you pretend die infront of your pet…and they don't move. the floor Lohse with a perfect game through 5…thank goodness Bob Feller is not around to see this. jajajajajajaja.. Pero el regreso super al suave.. Todo en bajadita que mas queres :D.. golf messages are equally as boring as watching golf…thank you La vida es demasiado corta como para pasarla tratando de complacer a todos. thanks! Now keep listening! word! lol social media keeps unfollowing … why social media, stop deciding for me, I wanna follow him ok! STOP IT!

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