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I'm not a racist but,
I am
I served my time in Vietnam
I've got three jobs
This is one
Sometimes I wish that I'd kept my gun
This country's going down the tubes
I can't afford to pay my dues
Unless you've got some sponsorship
For Christ sakes buddy

Don't get sick
Don't grow old
Don't be poor
Do what you're told

Are you from Europe?
Well so am I
I came here in 1955
Half American, half asleep
Some day a rain will come and wash the streets
The CIA, the KGB
It's all the same conspiracy
The whole damn country's on the skids
You better tell your kids

Don't get sick
Don't grow old
Don't be poor or underprivelaged
Do exactly what you're told

Keep the meter running
Until we reach our destination
The grim reaper isn't coming
He's been otherwise detained
With Apocalypse practice
and his other occupation
Behind the wheel of his taxi cab
that's driving me insane

They took 4,000 headers on a bus ride
Left 'em dribbling at the seaside
Where the sun would keep them warm
Give a guy a uniform
They live out on the freeway now
they're waiting till your car breaks down
Don't take the American dream to bed
One of these days you'll wake up dead


If I rememberer correctly this song was written after a terrifying Taxi ride Les and Jim took whilst on tour in the US.

The song title is reference to the lead character in the film Taxi Driver.

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