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Over to Bob for the weather and funnies
A murdering mob and some ugly bugs bunny
With a Valentines card from a ghost town that's haunted
By the National Guard and America's least wanted

Ciming up next we've got more global warming
And the greenhouse affect on the Beatles reforming
A miracle diet of water a lettuce
Los Angeles riots, more after this message

In the next half an hour the jury with their verdict
Two bags of flour, a pig and a turnip
In the day of the jackarse in the year of the bing bong
They adjourned to the crackhouse for a beer and a sing song

If only you'll stay to the end of this story
I'll tell your mum and dad not to worry
I'll love you forever when the TV is gone
And I'll love you now when it's on

The potatoes and meat from the heart of America
To the eyes and the teeth and the arsehole of everywhere
For the great of the good and the love of the nation
To the boys in the hoods with the crucifixation
Cabled and networked to the land of the plenty
Where the tables are set but the cupboards are empty
It's sexy, it's groovy, it's big and it's clever
Turn on, tune in and switch off forever

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