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She's so cool, ultra cool, she is so tall, ultra cool

Over seventeen and she was, too cool for school
Her sense of style always made me sigh
Pre-stressed super Jeanie she was really ultra cool
Never had the chance to say bye bye

Bought a Wounded Star, she put it in her locket, saved it for a rainy day
She kept it in her bra and when she finally took it, it blew her pretty brain away, hey

Looking super model as she smoked her cigarette
Said she liked the colour of my tie
Gave me a few evenings that I never would forget
Never ever thought that she would die

Staring into space, flying in a rocket, shes gone so far away
Leave the life support, take it out the socket, Jeanie is leaving today, hey

She's so cool, ultra cool, she is so tall, ultra cool

Could return as a horse come back as a mouse, don't know which one I prefer
I trod on a snail when I left the house, I hope it wasn't her
Do suicides go to Luton or Hell, or have they already been there
The World is no better or worse a place girl. It just isn't fair\

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