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Originally by Squeeze I never thought it would happen<br> With me and the girl from Clapham<br> Out on the windy common<br> That night I ain't forgotten<br> Where she dealt out the rations<br> With some or other passions<br> I said you are a lady<br> Perhaps she said I may be<br> We moved into a basement<br> With talks of our engagement<br> We stayed in by the telly<br> Although the room was smelly<br> We spent our time just kissin'<br> The Railway Arms we're missin'<br> But love had got us hooked up<br> And all our time it took up<br> I got a job with Stanley<br> He said I'd come in handy<br> And he started me on Monday<br> So I had a bath on Sunday<br> I worked eleven hours<br> And bought the girl some flowers<br> She said she'd seen a doctor<br> And nothing now could stop her<br> I worked all through the winter<br> The weather brass and bitter<br> I put away a tenner<br> Each week to make her better<br> And when the time was ready<br> We had to sell the telly<br> Late evenings by the fire<br> And little kicks inside her<br> This morning at four fifty<br> I took her rather nifty<br> Down to an incubator<br> Where thirty minutes later<br> She gave birth to a daughter<br> Within a year a walker<br> She looked just like her mother<br> If there could be another<br> And now she's two years older<br> Her mother's with a soldier<br> She left me with my drinkin'<br> Became a proper stingin'<br> The devil came and took me<br> From bar to street to bookie<br> No more nights by the telly<br> No more nights nappies smelling<br> Alone here in the kitchen<br> I feel there's somethin' missin'<br> I beg for some forgiveness<br> But beggin's not my business<br> And she won't write a letter<br> Although I always tell her<br> And so it's my assumption<br> I'm really up the junction<br>

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