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War is the new rock 'n' roll
Five LPs and complete control
Over every living soul
On their knees or in a hole
A verse a chorus a middle eight
A killer guitar solo break
The sound of those superpowerchords
That's what we're fighting for
War is the new rock 'n' roll
Death is the new Number One
It's got its name on the kick drum
Live at ten on the BBC, CNN and MTV
In our hearts and in the press
In the charts and in a mess
Death is the new Number One
Entertaining bright new stars
In fighter planes and armoured cars
Deprived of pain by camouflage
The soldiers of fame and fortune march
Through the eye of a desert storm
Into the sky a star is born
He crashed his plane Into a hedge
He should've been but he wasn't dead
For half a dozen days they said
He lived on rain and spider's legs

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