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While you were out
spreading the gospel
according to whatever
yoy believed in at the time
Her Majesty's axeman cameth
and closed the hospital
The birthplace
of our bonny baby son

Yesterday they took away
our bus stop
Today they'll try and take
our happy home
Tomorrow I'll be burned as a witch
for playing punk rock
You picked a fine time
to leave me on my own

I know
that what you don't know
doesn't hurt you
And the only time
you get homesick's
when you're home
But while you were out
our whole future was in doubt
So get your finger out
and phone

Please phone

While joyriders filmed by Sky
ram and raid and drink and drive
Homicidal passers by
leave unattended bags
outside our home
While you were out
our whole future was in doubt
You better get your finger out

It's simple
lift the receiver,
listen for the dialing tone
when you here that dialing tone
pick a number, any number,
my number, dial that number

Please phone

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