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Hot from Hell and Hades
For gentlemen and ladies
The little biddy babies
And the household pet
The Punches and the Judys
The crunchees and the bruisees
The Humpty Dumpty boozers
Who are trying to forget

The future that we're building
Something to be skilled in
How to teach the children
And to teach them well
From domestic science
To domestic violence
The right to remain silent
In your prison cell

You can dial M for Mother
Your sister and your brother
Or anybody other
If you really want
But it's the terrorist and traitor
That lights the blue touch paper
The fuse and detonator
Of the worry bomb

The worry bomb has gotcha!
Your brain's about to rupture
And there's no wood to touch here
And you need some quick
The furniture's formica
The doors are all glass fibre
You touch the floor beside you
And it's made of brick

The worry curse is on you
With paranoid insomnia
Twenty golden slumbers
Wouldn't get you forty winks
Alcohol enhanced it
And smoking's not the answer
Heart disease and cancer
Are the worry bomb kings

Worry bomb

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