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You can't take it with you
and where you're going you won't need a bus fare if the wind is blowing
We'll sing a song for you and read a poem
And everything will be the way you leave it
The meaning of your life will stay a secret
I cross my heart and hope that I can keep it too
We'll get some flowers and we'll drive them around at five miles an hour to the other side of town
Re arrange them on some sacred ground with a small donation of some English pounds
you can't take it with you
We had a lot of laughs I've still got memories
I found some photographs of happy families
The sense of loss has sharpened up my other senses
The sound the scent of you the late lamented you
I cried my eyes out for a while like I was meant to do
I drowned my sorrows and regrets with a drink or two
You don't have to wear a shirt and tie
to show how much it hurts to say goodbye
The meek will inherit the earth and the shy will be more than happy with the sky
You can't take it with you But you can try

this was featured in the film “KillerKiller”

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