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The entire bottom draw tipped out on the sofa, a kick and a punch I regret to this day
But first love is stupid and ours love was classic, before I met you, I thought I was gay
Began up a tree and ended on a train, you were only sixteen I was four in my brain
Sex was fantastic, in-laws were demons, tipped from the chair, abolished and framed
If we turned back the clock I don't think it would differ, a person's a person, we don't really grow
But sometimes I wonder where you are, what you've done, but just for a minute, it's best left alone
I haven't seen you in years, I know, I'm feeling guilty. 27 beers will heal a 1000 wrongs
We all get mad sometimes, we all get sad and crazy and though there were good signs
They were right and we were wrong

It's been a long time since you turned me over\

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